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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekly Trending Stocks : May 22th

Markets are down for last few days into the options expiry. Sector watch; u

tilities, healthcare and consumer goods are performing well, 

with services not far behind. Materials have broadly underperformed the market amid margin scares as seen by pull back in silver and other metals. Industrials and conglomerates have moderately underperformed with technology largely staying flat.

Upate from last week : 

Exit :  vphm, hzo, psec, praa, vivo, axti, byod, chbt, endp, mmsi, hpy, avd, hway, mov, tsys
Hold :  infa, smci, www, kmt,  cdns, ash, cts, cas hrg, tklc, , in, smci, sorl, ssri,  sptn
Exit - hit price target : mdca

New Stocks
Trend pullback to 50 DMA :cnl, ugi, mdu, ocr
Volume buzzers : uns, ntls, hibb, rno, finl

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