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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Trending Stocks : Jan 30th

Trend Pullback to 50 DMA: cdns, sgms, fult, byd, ainv, cmc
Volume Buzzers : snv, dyn, lpx, ment, eqy, clgx, ewbc, tibx, snh, wtr

FinViz Charts :
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Volume :

Double top on GOOG weekly

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekly Trending Stocks : Jan 23rd

Trend Pullback to 50 DMA: rfmd, lpx, sgms, ment, isil, stld, fto, am, wern, mlhr
Volume Buzzers : plcm, cprt, sivb, srx, swks, wen, ainv, ppdi, pcx, esi, lpx

FinViz Charts :
Pullback :
Volume :

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekly Trending Stocks : Jan 9th

Trend Pullback to 50 DMA: trst, fcf, symm, pq, mtrs, scsc, cohu, fred, aos, hibb, bgg, uns
Volume Buzzers : isys, rbn, lxu, klic, itg, kirk, vltr, snic, powl, lojn, smsi, spf, cbr, ruth

FinViz Charts :
Pullback :
Volume :

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weekly Trending Stocks : Jan 1st

Trend Pullback to 50 DMA: chco, hbhc, abax, hvt, bdc, usmo, ttec, ldl, indb, utek
Volume Buzzers : ensg, arj, onb, avd, spf, casc, zlc, cbr, ebs, ozrk

FinViz Charts :
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Volume :

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Comparing the performance with the sage

Comparing Warren Buffet's Berkshire's performance with SPX shows a out-performance of SPX by factor of 8-10  since 1993. A look at this chart reveals this clearly

Now the next steps is comparing your own performance with the SPX.

Reviewing your own performance reveals that although this performance may have been fairly met for the last 2 years, it would require careful steps to keep consistently achieving the same for the next 20 years...

2009 ROI of 279 %  vs SPX 30 %

2010 ROI of 112% vs SPX 12.78%

Verdict is in : Finished 2010 with a 112.54% return

Finished this year with a 112%, not bad. Performance was slightly impacted by flash crash, when some positions were required to be closed.  Majority of the gains panned out during the last 3-4 months , and the negative performance in feb and may has been consistent across those months in 2009,  a more conservative approach is needed for those months. Here is how the performance chart looks, ( click thru for larger image )
Still all's well that ends well, Good Luck to all trader community for amazing 2011