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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekly Trending Stocks : May 29th

Markets recovered a bit towards end of this week. I expect momentum to continue into the next 2 weeks, CPI has turned bullish non confirming :

All stocks that were hold did very well , some of them are making new highs, expect to hold for about 2 more weeks. Updates will be posted accordingly

Upate from last week : 

Exit :  cts, sorl
Hold :  infa, smci, www, kmt,  cdns, ash,  cas hrg, tklc, in, smci,  ssri,  sptn, cnl, ugi, mdu, ocr, uns, ntls, hibb, rno, finl
Exit - hit price target :  sptn

New Stocks
Trend pullback to 50 DMA : idti, isil, nve,vclk, blud, tin
Volume buzzers : cuz, wor, kfy, nhp, rax

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