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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekly Trending Stocks : November 20th

Trend Pullback to 50 DMA: rnow, bcsi, avd, brc, sonc, www, tndm, dcom, ibkr, hsi, epic, ntct, peet
Volume Buzzers : hibb, bws, hvt, ckh, gifi, airm shfl, petd, mdth, dtsi, hpy, gksr, ahs, finl, nwk

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Turtlezing Your Goals

The Adage says " Slow & Steady Wins the Race "

Turtle Traders, hit massive profits over 10 years earning 465 million dollars

How do you turtelize your performance, start with smaller goals and as you accomplish each of them , analyze your performance and record your learnings. When I started through this trading cycle, my goal was just to generate 2000$ per month. Then make sure its consistent and repeatable. Some months may not work in your favor, and that is acceptable. After all there is historical data on monthly performance available through various blogs. As long as you are able to keep the performance inline or better with the monthly performance you should do well.

Once the performance is consistent then you can plan to raise it to the next level. As you practice and repeat your performance, it will improve into the higher 4 digit numbers per month.

This not only builds your confidence but also improves the account balance. You might as well shoot for occasional 5 digit wins. I'll tell you what - it's not that easy to be consistent unless you have repeated it for several months.

Slowly work towards bettering your performance and it will take you there to the finish line

Lets say hypothetically you are shooting for a six figure annual profit, you need to have at-least several months of 5 digit gains before that is achievable. The journey from 4 digit to 5 digit is pretty easy but once that is achieved, going to six digit per month is a long way. But not that it's not doable.

Here I how I would set some goals today,

  1. Hit 4 digits monthly profits 
  2. Improve and be consistent for at-least 6 months
  3. Shoot for higher 4 digit profits occasionally
  4. Improve your average for atleast 3 months
  5. Hit 5 digit profit targets
  6. Improve your average and maintain it for over 1.5-2 years
  7. This will very easily take you to 6 figure per year and be consistent
  8. Then comes the daunting goal, sixer a month,  BECAUSE, you will need to muster lot of courage to shoot for a monthly six figure win.
    • is it achievabe, yes or if not why not ?
    • is it repeatable, maybe
    • what would be the level of risk involved - probably very high
  9. Understand the thought process and planning the execution is very important
  10. Once a plan is in place, all that is left is execution 
  11. Most important is the plan; if planned well, execution will be super easy.