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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Invest Like A Shark : 10 Commandments

I was just reading this book & came across the 10 commandments. Here is a excerpt from Invest Like a Shark - James L. “RevShark” DePorre

The Ten Commandments of Shark Investing
1. Thou Shalt Protect Thy Capital
2. Thou Shalt Use a Money Management System Without Fail
3. Thou Shalt Use Charts
4. Thou Shalt Diversify Not Only by Security but Also by Price and Time Frame
5. Thou Shalt Act Aggressively When the Odds Are in Thy Favor
6. Thou Shalt Not Be Afraid to Sell
7. Thou Shalt Respect the Illogic of the Market and the Role of Luck
9. Thou Shalt Be Patient, Persistent, and Methodical
10. Thou Shalt Never Stop Educating Thyself

Personally I believe I need to add more focus more 5 & 6, the rest are are already part of my method.

With significant strength in area 3. technical guy’s don’t worry about what is happening around economy too much, and just look @ the big picture. Lot of news articles, and articles about sky is falling , because it is like this – that will happen etc. are all opinions, but then there is something called Method...

Disciplined Methods always trounces opinions. .

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